Past Projects

Diverse Families

The Diverse Families Project is a study of 100 Southern California families headed by gay, lesbian, and heterosexual parents. The goal of the project was to examine similarities and differences across families headed by parents with different sexual orientations. The project made use of data collected from both parents, as well as adolescent child(ren) in the household. An online survey examined a host of measures, including parent mental health and well-being, relationship maintenance styles, relationships with various communities, as well as prosocial behaviors. In addition, indicators of social functioning for the adolescent were measured, including peer relationships, academic performance, behavioral problems, and prosocial behaviors.

Elder Voices Project

The Elder Voices Project, funded through the Fetzer Institute, was a longitudinal, multi-phase study of volunteerism and community participation among older adults living in local retirement communities. The first phase of the project, completed in the summer of 2002, consisted of in-depth interviews with 67 individuals on their life history, instances of volunteerism, and religious and spiritual values. The second phase of the project initiated in the summer of 2003 and continuing through the summer of 2004, consists of conducting a longitudinal survey on volunteerism, civic and community participation, religious and spiritual values, and physical and psychological health outcomes. 

SHARE Project

The SHARE (Study of the HIV/AIDS Resource Environment) Project is a five-year study funded by the National Institute of Mental Health and conducted in conjunction with the University of Minnesota. The goals of the project are to use experimental methodology to test methods for making more effective, positive, and lasting impact of community-based organizations.